Indent Contract Carpet

We can do indent order for commercial and residential carpets, whether your need is loop pile, designed loop, cut pile, cut-loop, printed carpet, carpet tiles, Wilton carpet, Axminster carpet or hand tuft carpet for 5 star hotel or even Istana we can be a big help to your special needs…… Read More »

Special Event Decoration

We can help to organize a special event for private or government sector, we have in-house designer and interior decorators to do the professional setting up for you. Read More »

Custom Made Sofa

Turn to our sofa expert will help your dream sofa set materialized, we make strong sofa framework and provide fine stitching workmanship for new sofa or re-upholstering your old sofa set. Read More »

Custom Made Carpets

Custom Made Carpets will turn carpet motif, color scheme, and appearance of Axminster, Wilton and hand tufted carpets following absolutely according to what you designed and anticipated….. Read More »

Self Leveling

Self-leveling underlayment helps level out concrete floors prior to installation of vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, parquet floor, solid wood or ceramic tiles, want a perfect job done you will definitely need it… Read More »

Carpet Shampooing

After carpet installation, you will definitely need carpet cleaning services, because carpet trap airborne pollutants if you don’t vacuum your carpet everyday. Carpet cleaning will not only maintain the cleanliness and quality of the indoor air, it will also eliminating the possibilities of your carpet buildup of allergens and bacteria …. Read More »