Vinyl Flooring

We have a few types of vinyl flooring, Jaycy timber vinyl tiles, Deluxe marble vinyl tiles, Gerflor vinyl sheet and Home Fashion (self adhesive vinyl tiles).

Jaycy Timber Vinyl Tiles – 7″ X 48″. Thickness 3mm

This timber vinyl tile is a classic and elegant flooring made of durable high wear resistant vinyl with designs of Brown Oak, White Oak, Barrel Oak Smoke, Barrel Oak Sand, Charcoal Oak, Carved Oak, Mystic Taupe, Bamboo and Parisian Pine. Very suitable for commercial shop lots, offices, modern houses, hotels, resorts and chalet. Standard size is 7″ X 48″.

Deluxe Marble Vinyl Tiles – 1ft X 1ft, Thickness 2mm

Marble design 100% homogeneous PVC tiles it is a waterproof and non-porous durable wear resistance tile. Scratch and stain resistant, impact tolerant, stable cutting dimension for easy installation and maintenance. Suitable for offices, department stores, banks, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, lobbies, corridors,and other heavy traffic areas. Standard size: 1 ft X 1 ft.

Gerflor Mipolam 180 Vinyl Sheet – 2M X 20M. Thickness 2mm

Gerflor Mipolam 180 is a durable, high performing flexible homogeneous multipurpose flooring especially recommended for hospitals, schools, offices,supermarkets and institutional buildings, where an easy to maintain, hardwearing floorcovering with an attractive and modern appearance is required. It is a Polyurethane Reinforced (PUR) treated surface. Standard roll size: 2M X 20M.

Home Fashion Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles – 1ft X 1ft. Thickness 1.4mm 

Best DIY choices for your new flooring, design of ceramic tiles, marbles or elegant timber strip design. Peel and stick so easy to install, can do mix & match pattern, water resistance and maintenance free. Considered to be the most inexpensive choices of flooring.



Before installing any types of floor coverings, it is absolutely important to make sure the concrete sub floor surface is even, by using self leveling compounds it can helps rectify uneven sub floor to achieve an excellent smoothing and flattening flooring surfaces.